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A-AS01 Variability of atmosphere, ocean, and air-sea interaction in and over the Indian Ocean

Short title Indian ocean and atmospheric variations
Oral presentation
May 24 AM1 (09:00 - 10:30) 101A Swadhin Behera  / Masaki Katsumata 
May 24 AM2 (10:45 - 12:15) 101A Yukio Masumoto  / Weidong Yu 
May 24 PM1 (13:45 - 15:15) 101A Kentaro Ando  / Jun Matsumoto 
Poster presentation
May 24 (Core Time 15:30 - 17:00, 17:15 - 18:30)  
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Email andouk@jamstec.go.jp
Convener Kentaro Ando  / Yukio Masumoto  / Swadhin Behera  / Jun Matsumoto  / Dwi Susanto  / Yu Weidong 
Scope The atmospheric and oceanic variations in the Indian Ocean impact on world climate as well as coastal and regional climate systems in and around the Indian Ocean. Although various atmospheric and oceanic phenomena in the Indian Ocean are identified, their detailed mechanisms and their relation to bio-geochemical processes in the ocean are not well understood. This session aims to promote discussions on physical and bio-geochemical processes in the ocean, atmospheric variations, and their interactions in the Indian Ocean sector. Since the discovery of Indian Ocean Dipole in1999, it has been recognized that the oceanic and atmospheric variations in the Indian Ocean do influence the global climate system thorough several teleconnection processes. In parallel to such the research activities, CLIVAR/IOGOOS Indian Ocean Panel has designed and is coordinating implementation of the Indian ocean observing system (IndOOS). RAMA (Research Moored Array for African?Asian?Australian Monsoon Analysis and Prediction) buoy observing array is a major component of IndOOS, which has been developing under multinational efforts, providing invaluable oceanic and meteorological data. In addition, an international activity of bio-geochemical research in the Indian Ocean (SIBER) is started recently. In order to advance our understanding of the Indian Ocean variability and to facilitate mutual interactions among the different research communities, we invite papers on and not limited to the variations in the ocean, atmosphere, and bio-geochemical processes in the Indian Ocean sector. We will also discuss possible future collaborative research activities among the communities.

Time Presentation No Title Author Presenter Abstract
Oral Presentation   May 24 AM1 (09:00-10:30) 101A                              to the top
09:00 - 09:15 AAS01-01 Interannual variations of the sea surface temperature above the Seychelles Dome Tomoki Tozuka
Takaaki Yokoi
Toshio Yamagata
Tomoki Tozuka English
09:15 - 09:30 AAS01-02 On triggering mechanisms of the Indian Ocean subtropical dipole Yushi Morioka
Tomoki Tozuka
Toshio Yamagata
Yushi Morioka English
09:30 - 09:45 AAS01-03 On a mechanism of the Indian Ocean subtropical dipole mode simulated in the CMIP3 models Takahito Kataoka
Tomoki Tozuka
Yukio Masumoto
Takahito Kataoka English
09:45 - 10:00 AAS01-04 Influence of La Nina on extreme rainfall over southern Africa associated with tropical temperate troughs Satyaban Bishoyi Ratna
BEHERA, Swadhin
RATNAM, Venkata J.
Satyaban Bishoyi Ratna English
10:00 - 10:15 AAS01-05 Interannual moduation and its dynamics of the Mesoscale Eddy Variability in the South Eastern Tropical Indian Ocean Tomomichi Ogata
Yukio Masumoto
Tomomichi Ogata English
10:15 - 10:30 AAS01-06 Eastern Indian Ocean warming associated with negative Indian Ocean dipole: Case study on the 2005 and 2010 events Takanori Horii
Iwao Ueki
Kentaro Ando
Takanori Horii English
Oral Presentation   May 24 AM2 (10:45-12:15) 101A                              to the top
10:45 - 11:05 Invited
Impacts of the Indian Ocean Dipole on climate variations in the southern part of the Eurasian Continent Toshio Yamagata
Farnaz Pourasghar
Tomoki Tozuka
Toshio Yamagata English
11:05 - 11:25 Invited
Indian Ocean capacitor effect for the past 140 years Shang-Ping Xie
Jasti Chowdary
Xiaotong Zheng
Shang-Ping Xie English
11:25 - 11:45 Invited
Footprints of IOD and ENSO in the 115year-Kenyan coral record Nobuko Nakamura
Hajime Kayanne
Hiroko Iijima
Nobuko Nakamura English
11:45 - 12:00 AAS01-10 Role of the Indian Ocean in Climate Variations Swadhin Behera
Mathieu Rouault
Yukio Masumoto
Swadhin Behera English
12:00 - 12:15 AAS01-11 Interactions between the Pacific-Japan teleconnection pattern and the Indian Ocean Yu Kosaka
XIE Shang-Ping
LAU Ngar-Cheung
Yu Kosaka English
Oral Presentation   May 24 PM1 (13:45-15:15) 101A                              to the top
13:45 - 14:05 Invited
Intraseasonal variability in tropical Asian monsoon regions Satoru Yokoi Satoru Yokoi English
14:05 - 14:20 AAS01-13 Effects of the ENSO/IOD on interannual rainfall variability in and around Jakarta Jun-Ichi Hamada
Shuichi MORI
Hisayuki KUBOTA
Jun-Ichi Hamada English
Tonny Bachtiar
Totok Suprijo English
14:35 - 14:50 AAS01-15 The dynamics of wind-driven intraseasonal variability in the equatorial Indian Ocean Motoki Nagura
Michael J. McPhaden
Motoki Nagura English
14:50 - 15:05 AAS01-16 Cooperative Indian Ocean Experiment on Intraseasonal Variability in Year 2011 "CINDY2011" Masaki Katsumata
Chidong ZHANG
Masaki Katsumata English
15:05 - 15:08 3-min talk in an oral session
Presentation No Title Author Presenter Abstract
AAS01-P03 Extratropical Foricng of Tropical Wave Disturbances along the Indian Ocean ITCZ Yoshiki Fukutomi
Tetsuzo Yasunari
Yoshiki Fukutomi English
15:08 - 15:15 AAS01-17 Discussion: For future multidisciplinary research experiments in the Indian Ocean Kentaro Ando Kentaro Ando English

Presentation No Title Author Presenter Abstract
Poster Presentation   May 24 Core Time (15:30-17:00, 17:15-18:30)                      to the top
AAS01-P01 Indian Ocean Observing System (IndOOS) Yukio Masumoto
Weidong Yu
M. Ravichandran
Yukio Masumoto English
AAS01-P02 Indian Ocean observation for ocean and climate variability in JAMSTEC Kentaro Ando
Yukio Masumoto
Takanori Horii
Kentaro Ando English
AAS01-P03 Extratropical Foricng of Tropical Wave Disturbances along the Indian Ocean ITCZ Yoshiki Fukutomi
Tetsuzo Yasunari
Yoshiki Fukutomi English
AAS01-P04 GPS signal delays in dust aerosols during Asian dust storm DongSeob Song DongSeob Song English