Outline of Session


Human Geosciences(H) / Geomorphology(GM)
H-GM22 Geomorphology

Short title Geomorphology
Oral presentation
May 26 PM1 (15:15 - 16:00) 101B Sachi Wakasa 
May 26 PM2 (16:15 - 18:00) 101B Masayuki Seto  / Hiroshi Shimazu 
Poster presentation
May 26 (Core Time 18:15 - 19:30) Convention Hall
Contact Hiroshi Shimazu
Email shimazu@ris.ac.jp
Convener Hiroshi Shimazu  / Chiaki T. Oguchi  / Masayuki Seto 
Scope The main subject of this session is interdisciplinary discussion on the whole range of themes relating to geomorphology, especially geomorphic processes, landform development, geomorphological hazards and their mitigation, and relationships among geomorphic processes, other natural phenomena and human activities. All topics on geomorphology with new findings and ideas are welcome. All presentations and discussion of this session are made in Japanese.
Notes The duration given to each oral presentation is 15 minutes including discussion. Although a laptop will be prepared by the convener, we recommend you to bring your own laptop. Please connect your laptop during the former presentation. The Authors in Attendance Time of poster presentations is 18:15-19:30. The 3 minute presentation of the poster summary will start at 17:15.

Time Presentation No Title Author Presenter Abstract
Oral Presentation   May 26 PM1 (15:15-16:00) 101B                              to the top
15:15 - 15:30 Invited
Terrain classification of Southwest Japan including the Seto Inland Sea by object based area segmentation IWAHASHI, Junko
FUKUOKA, Hiroshi
IWAHASHI, Junko English
15:30 - 15:45 HGM22-02 Relation between tectonic uplift rates and erosion rates in the Kiso Range from in situ cosmogenic nuclides NAKAMURA, Atsunori
NAKAMURA, Atsunori English
15:45 - 16:00 HGM22-03 The limit of the geomorphology learning in high school geographical B AOKI, Kunihiro AOKI, Kunihiro English
Oral Presentation   May 26 PM2 (16:15-18:00) 101B                              to the top
16:15 - 16:30 HGM22-04 Slope failure of the Oya-Kuzure and generation of the Akamizu Fall, upper reaches of the Abe River, Shizuoka Prefecture SHIRAI, Masaaki
SHIRAI, Masaaki English
16:30 - 16:45 HGM22-05 Landform, debris transport processes and sediment budget in the Dakesawa valley, Northern Alps, central Japan SHIMAZU, Hiroshi SHIMAZU, Hiroshi English
16:45 - 17:00 HGM22-06 Natural dam constructions and breaks at the Oshika and the Mitoku River, Misasa-town, Tottori southwest Japan KODAMA, Yoshinori
KODAMA, Yoshinori English
17:00 - 17:15 HGM22-07 Landform development of bedrock river focusing on the planform : Laboratory experiments TSUZUKI, Yuuki
ENDO, Noritaka
TSUZUKI, Yuuki English
17:15 - 17:30 3-min talk in an oral session (HGM22-P01/HGM22-P02/HGM22-P04/HGM22-P05/HGM22-P09)
17:30 - 17:45 3-min talk in an oral session (HGM22-P10)

Presentation No Title Author Presenter Abstract
Poster Presentation   May 26  Core Time (18:15-19:30) Convention Hall                    to the top
HGM22-P01 Landforms and Vegetation of Limestone Area in the Northernmost Part of the Suzuka Mountains YAMAUCHI, Hiroyuki
UMITSU, Masatomo
YAMAUCHI, Hiroyuki English
HGM22-P02 Geomorphological study of the volcanic mud flow in the Fukushima basin SETO, Masayuki
SETO, Masayuki English
HGM22-P03 The geographical disasters in Shirouma Daisekkei valley , the Northern Japanese Alps. SATOH, Shino
NARAMA, Chiyuki
SATOH, Shino English
HGM22-P04 Shapes and origins of notches and caves on sea cliffs, the Noto Peninsula, central Japan KOBAYASHI, Wataru
HAMADA, Masaaki
KOBAYASHI, Wataru English
HGM22-P05 Transport processes during MIS 5.1 and MIS 3 to 2 estimated from fluvial terrace gravels in Tama and Sagami rivers TAKAHASHI, Takayuki
SHIRAI, Masaaki
TAKAHASHI, Takayuki English
HGM22-P06 3D DEM generation from digital aerial photographs considering the influence of vegetation ENDO, Ryo
SUGAI, Toshihiko
ENDO, Ryo English
HGM22-P07 Geomorphic analyses in Bor mining area, Serbia. WAKASA, Sachi WAKASA, Sachi English
HGM22-P08 Evolution of the Gonghe Basin, northeastern Tibet, constrained by in situ cosmogenic radionuclides SHIRAHAMA, Yoshiki
HE, Honglin
SHIRAHAMA, Yoshiki English
HGM22-P09 Dating the marine terraces in Southern Wakayama and Southwestern Kochi using in-situ cosmogenic nuclides NAGANO, Gen
NAGANO, Gen English
HGM22-P10 Pangea was a planet MADO, Shinichiro MADO, Shinichiro English