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P-EM12 Ionospheric and thermospheric disturbances during recurrent magnetic storms

Short title Recurrent ionospheric storms
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May 26 PM1 (14:15 - 15:00) 101A ALEXEI DMITRIEV 
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Scope Perturbations of the ionosphere and thermosphere during moderate geomagnetic disturbances related to so-called recurrent geomagnetic storms is a subject of growing scientific interest. It becomes clear that during the recurrent ionospheric storms, the heliospheric - magnetospheric - ionospheric ? atmospheric coupling remains highly efficient even under low solar activity and solar minimum. Characteristic periodicities of 7 and 9 days have been found both in the ionospheric and thermospheric day-to-day variability. Recurrent ionospheric storms manifest a specific non-direct correlation with variations of geomagnetic and solar wind drivers. However, the scenario of energy transfer from the solar wind and magnetosphere into the ionosphere and thermosphere is still poorly understood. It is encouraged to consider a complex of such effects as penetrating electric fields of interplanetary and magnetospheric origin, disturbance dynamo electric fields, thermospheric neutral winds, chemical composition changes and transport of energetic particles. Presentations of experimental, simulation and theoretical results related to recurrent ionospheric storms as well as consideration of relevant mechanisms in the solar wind - magnetosphere - ionosphere - atmosphere coupling are welcome.

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Oral Presentation   May 26 PM1 (14:15-15:00) 101A                              to the top
14:15 - 14:30 Invited
Ionizing effects of magnetospheric electrons in the low-latitude ionosphere during recurrent magnetic storms SUVOROVA, Alla
HUANG, Chien M.
SUVOROVA, Alla English
14:30 - 14:45 PEM12-02 Recurrent ionospheric storms during solar minimum DMITRIEV, Alexei DMITRIEV, Alexei English