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S-MP09 Supercontinents and Crustal Evolution

Short title Supercontinents and Crustal Evolution
Oral presentation
May 27 AM1 (09:00 - 10:15) 201A Madhusoodhan Satish-Kumar  / Masaaki Owada 
May 27 AM2 (11:00 - 12:45) 201A Tetsuo Kawakami  / Tomokazu Hokada 
Poster presentation
May 27 (Core Time 18:15 - 19:30) Convention Hall
Contact Madhusoodhan Satish-Kumar
Email satish@geo.sc.niigata-u.ac.jp
Convener Madhusoodhan Satish-Kumar  / Yasuhito Osanai  / Geoffrey H. Grantham  / Sajeev Krishnan  / Tomokazu Hokada 
Scope Supercontinent formation and dispersion has been enigmatic in the Earth's history. Eurasia is one such current supercontinent and incredible progress in the understanding of its geological evolution has been achieved in the past decade. Earlier supercontinents in the Earth's history such as Gondwana (0.5 Ga), Rodinia (1.0 Ga), Columbia/Nuna (2.0 Ga), Kenorland (2.5 Ga) and Vaalbara (3.1 Ga), have been the focus of several studies, however limited information on older supercontinents has restricted an understanding their tectonic evolution. Several important unsolved issues remain, such as how, when and where these supercontinents formed and how long they remained as such before breaking apart. Additional questions arise on the processes that triggered the fragmentation and unification of continents. In this session, we invite authors around the world to present original new data as well as review results on the continental scale crustal processes and tectonic evolution that are associated with supercontinent formation events in Earth's history. The well-studied Eurasia and Gondwana supercontinents are of particular focus. Topics of interest include, but not restricted to, extremes in metamorphism, P-T-d-t evolution, magmatism, and the role of fluids. We hope to provide a platform for scientific discussions that will enlighten our understanding of the physical and chemical processes in the continental crust that records episodes of orogenesis that contributed to the formation and evolution of supercontinents.

Time Presentation No Title Author Presenter Abstract
Oral Presentation   May 27 AM1 (09:00-10:15) 201A                              to the top
09:00 - 09:30 Invited
Extreme metamorphism, geodynamic regimes and supercontinent cycles BROWN, Michael BROWN, Michael English
09:30 - 09:45 SMP09-02 Tectono-metamorphic evolution during Asian continental growth OSANAI, Yasuhito
BABA, Sotaro
OWADA, Masaaki
OSANAI, Yasuhito English
09:45 - 10:00 SMP09-03 Metamorphosed bauxites from the Red River Shear zone, northern Vietnam: inferences and geological significance NAKANO, Nobuhiko
OSANAI, Yasuhito
NAM, Nguyen van
NAKANO, Nobuhiko English
10:00 - 10:15 SMP09-04 Duration of low-P/T type metamorphism and zircon/garnet REE partitioning in migmatites, Ryoke metamorphic belt, Japan KAWAKAMI, Tetsuo
HORIE, Kenji
HOKADA, Tomokazu
KAWAKAMI, Tetsuo English
Oral Presentation   May 27 AM2 (11:00-12:45) 201A                              to the top
11:00 - 11:30 Invited
East Antarctica and supercontinent configuration: the Dronning Maud Land perspective JACOBS, Joachim
LAEUFER, Andreas
ELBURG, Marlina
JACOBS, Joachim English
11:30 - 11:45 SMP09-06 Insights from zircon chronology and chemistry constraints into Neoproterozoic orogens at Sor Rondane, East Antarctica HOKADA, Tomokazu
HORIE, Kenji
OSANAI, Yasuhito
HOKADA, Tomokazu English
11:45 - 12:00 SMP09-07 Sr and Nd isotopes in metacarbonate rocks as proxies for paleo-tectonic reconstruction prior to supercontinent assembly SATISH-KUMAR, Madhusoodhan
KAMEI, Atsushi
SATISH-KUMAR, Madhusoodhan English
12:00 - 12:15 SMP09-08 Comparison of Sr-Nd isotope data from N. Mozambique and Dronning Maud Land and Sor Rondane, Antarctica. GRANTHAM, Geoffrey
SATISH-KUMAR, Madhusoodhan
GRANTHAM, Geoffrey English
12:15 - 12:30 SMP09-09 Mesoproterozoic suture between India and Madagascar SAJEEV, Krishnan
SAJEEV, Krishnan English
12:30 - 12:45 SMP09-10 A comprehensive study on India-Madagascar paleo-fit in the Gondwana Supercontinent RATHEESH-KUMAR, R. T. RATHEESH-KUMAR, R. T. English
12:45 - 12:57 3-min talk in an oral session (SMP09-P04/SMP09-P05/SMP09-P08/SMP09-P10)

Presentation No Title Author Presenter Abstract
Poster Presentation   May 27  Core Time (18:15-19:30) Convention Hall                    to the top
SMP09-P01 Late Proterozoic syenite magmatism in the Sor Rondane Mountains, East Antarctica OWADA, Masaaki
KAMEI, Atsushi
OWADA, Masaaki English
SMP09-P02 Crustal assembly of the Masora and Antananarivo domains, central-eastern Madagascar ICHIKI, Takashi
ISHIKAWA, Masahiro
OSANAI, Yasuhito
ICHIKI, Takashi English
SMP09-P03 LA-ICP-MS Zircon U-Pb ages from metamorphic rocks in the southwestern part of Highland Complex, Sri Lanka KITANO, Ippei
OSANAI, Yasuhito
NAKANO, Nobuhiko
KITANO, Ippei English
SMP09-P04 A revised tectonostratigraphy for Late Archean supracrustal rocks in the Chitradruga schist belt, Dharwar craton, India MISHIMA, Kaoru
SATISH-KUMAR, Madhusoodhan
HOKADA, Tomokazu
MISHIMA, Kaoru English
SMP09-P05 Nd isotope geochemistry of Archaean BIFs in the Chitradurga Schist Belt, Dharwar Craton, Southern India KOINUMA, Kentaro
SATISH-KUMAR, Madhusoodhan
KOINUMA, Kentaro English
SMP09-P06 Geochemistry of Paleoarchean TTGs and Neoarchean high-K granites around Chitradurga, western Dharwar Craton, India FUKUSAKI, Hideaki
KAMEI, Atsushi
HOKADA, Tomokazu
FUKUSAKI, Hideaki English
SMP09-P07 Depositional ages and provenance of Paleoproterozoic sequence of Lesser Himalaya in Nepal based on U-Pb zircon dating NAKAMURA, Keigo
NAKAMURA, Keigo English
SMP09-P08 Geochronology, geochemistry and petrology of Bashisuogong intrusions: Implications for magmatic evolution of Tarim LIP ZOU, Siyuan
LI, Zilong
KAMEI, Atsushi
ZOU, Siyuan English
SMP09-P09 Tectono-metamorphic evolution of the upper sequence of Hidaka Metamorphic rocks in Satsunai-gawa River, Hokkaido, Japan NAKAMURA, Yoshihiro
MADHUSOODHAN, Satish-kumar
NAKAMURA, Yoshihiro English
SMP09-P10 Spatial U-Pb age distributions of plutonic rocks in the central Abukuma Plateau, northeastern Japan Arc KON, Yoshiaki
EJIMA, Terumi
TAKAGI, Tetsuichi
KON, Yoshiaki English