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Solid Earth Sciences(S) / Resources, Mineral Deposit & Resource Exploration(RD)
S-RD41 Developments in resource geology: Origin and evolution of ore fluids

Short title Developments in resource geology
Oral presentation
May 25 AM1 (09:00 - 10:45) 106 Kenzo Sanematsu  / Tatsuo Nozaki 
May 25 AM2 (11:00 - 11:45) 106 Ryohei Takahashi  / Tsubasa Otake 
Poster presentation
May 25 (Core Time 18:15 - 19:30) Convention Hall
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Email k-sanematsu@aist.go.jp
Convener Kenzo Sanematsu  / Tatsuo Nozaki  / Tsubasa Otake  / Ryohei Takahashi 
Scope Concentration, transportation and precipitation of valuable elements are closely associated with ore fluids in ore formation processes. It is important to understand the behavior of the elements to elucidate the genesis of ore deposits and to apply it to exploration. The ore formation processes are largely influenced by various fluids composed of magmatic fluids, metamorphic fluids, seawater, meteoric water and hydrothermal fluids derived from these fluids. Valuable elements are concentrated by dissolution, precipitation and alteration of minerals through fluid-rock interaction, physicochemical changes and mixing of fluids. This session widely covers various topics of case studies, experimental and theoretical studies, development of new analytical methods and others related to the ore formation processes.
Notes Each oral presentation is within 15 minutes including discussion except two invited talks.

Time Presentation No Title Author Presenter Abstract
Oral Presentation   May 25 AM1 (09:00-10:45) 106                              to the top
09:00 - 09:25 Invited
Chemical analysis of individual fluid inclusion by SXRF: application to hydrothermal ore deposits HAYASHI, Ken-ichiro HAYASHI, Ken-ichiro English
09:25 - 09:40 SRD41-02 Characteristics of Magmatic Hydrothermal System at Southeastern Martabe High Sulfidation Epithermal Deposit, Indonesia SAING, Stephanie
IMAI, Akira
SAING, Stephanie English
09:40 - 10:00 Invited
Lithium isotope index as powerful research tool for earth resource NISHIO, Yoshiro NISHIO, Yoshiro English
10:00 - 10:15 SRD41-04 Li isotopic composition of submarine vent fluids from arc and back-arc hydrothermal systems in the western Pacific ARAOKA, Daisuke
NISHIO, Yoshiro
GAMO, Toshitaka
ARAOKA, Daisuke English
10:15 - 10:30 SRD41-05 Salinity of pore waters in sedimentary basins under geothermal gradients YOSHIMURA, Shumpei YOSHIMURA, Shumpei English
10:30 - 10:45 SRD41-06 Distribution of rare earth elements between deep granitic groundwater and fracture filling carbonate MUNEMOTO, Takashi
OHMORI, Kazuaki
MUNEMOTO, Takashi English
Oral Presentation   May 25 AM2 (11:00-11:45) 106                              to the top
11:00 - 11:15 SRD41-07 Fractionation between LREE and HREE in hydrothermal fluids associated with felsic magmatism SANEMATSU, Kenzo
SANEMATSU, Kenzo English
11:15 - 11:30 SRD41-08 Petrogenesis of granitoids in northern Palawan (Philippines) and its implications on rare-earth element mineralization PADRONES, Jenielyn
IMAI, Akira
PADRONES, Jenielyn English
11:30 - 11:45 3-min talk in an oral session (SRD41-P01/SRD41-P02/SRD41-P03/SRD41-P04/SRD41-P05)

Presentation No Title Author Presenter Abstract
Poster Presentation   May 25  Core Time (18:15-19:30) Convention Hall                    to the top
SRD41-P01 Epithermal mineralization at Takarajima of the Tokara Islands NAGAHARA, Masato
ISHIBASHI, Jun-ichiro
NAGAHARA, Masato English
SRD41-P02 Mineralogical and Geochemical Study of Hydrothermal Ores from the Hatoma Knoll Hydrothermal Field in the Okinawa Trough TOTSUKA, Shuhei
NAKANO, Hiroki
SHIMADA, Kazuhiko
TOTSUKA, Shuhei English
SRD41-P03 Sulfur isotopic compositions of stibnite in antimony deposits, southern Myanmar SANEMATSU, Kenzo
MANAKA, Takayuki
SANEMATSU, Kenzo English
SRD41-P04 REE-bearing Minerals in Granitoids at Sibolga and Panyabungan, North Sumatra, Indonesia IWAN, Setiawan
IWAN, Setiawan English
SRD41-P05 Metallic mineralization and petrography of granitoids at the Phon Tiou - Boneng tin mining area, central Laos TAKAHASHI, Ryohei
ITO, Yoshiya
TAKAHASHI, Ryohei English