Environmental Hazard Countermeasure Committee

Japan Geoscience Union 2014 Meeting
How JpGU will manage environment and hazard?

No. Presenter title summery
U08-01 TADOKORO, Keiichi Actions to the Eastern Japan earthquake disaster by SSJ and to disaster and environmental issues in academic communities Summery
U08-02 TAKAGI, Hideo Activities of the Geological Society of Japan in support of reconstruction after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake disaster Summery
U08-03 SHISHIKURA, Masanobu Reframing the academic responsibility of JSAF on the basis of its activities after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake Summery
U08-04 KUMAKI, Yohta Activity of the AJG to the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster: Role of academic societies at a big disaster Summery
U08-05 ARIKAWA, Masatoshi Cartographic society’s contributions to crisis resolution of environmental issues and disasters Abstract
U08-06 HATAYAMA, Michinori Disaster Response Support Activity based on Geospatial Information Abstract
U08-07 NAKAJIMA, Teruyuki Environmental pollution by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident and role of the atmospheric science Summery
U08-08 KONDOH, Akihiko How JAHS will manage the Great East Japan Earthquake? Abstract
U08-09 ONDA, Yuichi Transfer of radionuclides to river by Fukushima Daiichi NPP Summery
U08-10 NOHARA, Seiichi Stock and Flow of Environmental radionuclides in Lake ecosystem Summery
U08-11 NAKAGAWA, Kei Activities of JAGH relating to the earthquake disaster and disaster relief Summery
U08-12 MASUMOTO, Yukio Oceanic dispersion model intercomparison for the Fukushima accident Summery
U08-13 AONO, Hiromichi Development of Composite Materials with Zeolite and Magnetite for Radioactive Cs Decontamination in Soil Summery
U08-14 HIMIYAMA, Yukio The Mission of Human Geoscience in the Study of Disasters and Global Environmental Problems Summery
U08-15 IMAMURA, Fumihiko A new research field after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami Abstract
U08-16 FUJII, Toshitsugu How volcanology will manage environment and hazard? Summery
U08-17 KAWASHIMA, Katsuhisa Recent transformation of the snow and ice disaster and emerging issues Summery
U08-18 KIKUCHI, Takashi Space disasters and space weather studies Summery
Discussion Summery