Japan Geoscience Union
Session List

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Symbol U (Union)
Symbol O (Public)
Symbol P (Space and Planetary Sciences)
Symbol A (Atmospheric, Ocean, and Environmental Sciences)
Symbol H (Human Geosciences)
Symbol S (Solid Earth Sciences)
Symbol B (Biogeosciences)
Symbol G (General (Education and Outreach))
Symbol M (Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary)

Symbol U (Union)
**U-01   Global Data Activity
**U-02   Science of Small Solar System Bodies
U-03 Re-building the post mega-earthquake Jap
U-04 Life-Water-Mineral-Atmosphere
U-05 Hydrological response and ecosystem role
U-06 Suggestions for seismology
U-07 Geoscience Education
Symbol O (Public)
O-01 Education for disaster prevention
O-02 Poster presentations by senior high school students
O-03 Advances in Earth & Planetary Science
O-04 Geoparks in Japan
Symbol P (Space and Planetary Sciences)
P-PS Planetary Sciences
**P-PS01   Lab work for Mercury and the Moon
**P-PS02 Jovian and Saturnian explorations
**P-PS03   Mars
**P-PS04   Rotation of celestial bodies
**P-PS05   Asteroidal collision
**P-PS06   Early Solar System
P-PS21 Planetary Sciences
P-PS22 Meteorite anatomy
P-PS23 Next decade for planetary explorations
P-PS24 Materials in space
P-PS25 Lunar science and mission
P-EM Solar-Terrestrial Sciences, Space Electromagnetism & Space Environment
**P-EM07   Space Weather
**P-EM08   MTI coupling in Asian sector
**P-EM09   Inner magnetosphere
**P-EM10   Symposium for CAWSES-II and ISWI
**P-EM12   Future TLE studies based on JEM-GLIMS
**P-EM13   Magnetotails
P-EM26 Space Plasma Physics
P-EM27 Predicting radiation dose from SEP
P-EM28 Heliosphere
P-EM29 Space Weather
P-EM30 Magnetospheric Physics
P-EM31 MI-coupling
P-EM32 Phys. and chem. in the atmos/ionosphere
P-CG Complex & General
**P-CG14   Instrumentation for space science
P-CG33 Planetary atmosphere-magnetosphere
Symbol A (Atmospheric, Ocean, and Environmental Sciences)
A-AS Atmospheric Sciences, Meteorology & Atmospheric Environment
**A-AS01   Indian ocean and atmospheric variations
**A-AS02   Typhoon-Ocean Interaction
**A-AS03   Air-sea interaction and climate
A-AS21 Atmospheric Chemistry
A-AS23 Multi-scale ocean-atmosphere interaction
A-AS24 Extreme Weather
A-OS Ocean Sciences & Ocean Environment
A-OS25 Large research plan for ocean science
A-HW Hydrology & Water Environment
A-HW26 Isotope hydrology 2012
A-HW27 Groundwater and geology in urban areas
A-HW28 Environmental changes in Japanese Alps
A-HW29 Hydrological Cycle and Water Environment
A-HW30 Hydrogeology and Material Cycle
A-CC Cryospheric Sciences & Cold District Environment
A-CC31 Environmental studies by ice cores
A-CC32 Glaciology
A-PE Paleoenvironmental Sciences & Long-term Climate Change
A-PE33 Paleoclimatology and paleoceanography
A-GE Geological & Soil Environment
**A-GE04   Mass Transport and Environ Assessment
A-TT Technology &Techniques
A-TT34 New EO mission development
A-CG Complex & General
**A-CG05   Continental-Oceanic Mutual Interaction
A-CG35 Land-sea interactions: catchment effects
A-CG36 Datasets Exhibition
A-CG37 Arctic
Symbol H (Human Geosciences)
H-GG Geography
**H-GG01   GLP
H-GG28 Natural resource use and management
H-GM Geomorphology
**H-GM02   Geomorphology
H-GM21 Geomorphology
H-QR Quaternary research
H-QR22 Geology around the alluvial plain.
H-QR23 human-environment interactions
H-SC Social Earth Sciences & Civil/Urban System Sciences
**H-SC03   IHDP
H-SC24 Human environment and disaster risk
H-DS Disaster geosciences
**H-DS04   Landslides
**H-DS05   Natural hazard impact on technosphere
**H-DS06   Natural Hazards in Asia, Africa, Pacific
H-DS25 Geohazards
H-DS26 Tsunami and Tsunami Early Warning
H-RE Resource and Engineering Geology
H-RE27 Climate control
H-TT Technology & Techniques
**H-TT07   GIS
**H-TT08   Climatic research by remote-sensing
H-TT29 GI Systems
H-CG Complex & General
H-CG30 Sedimentation and surface environment
H-CG31 Submarine slides
H-CG32 Biological systems in closed-ecology
Symbol S (Solid Earth Sciences)
S-GD Geodesy
S-GD23 Geodesy General Contributions
S-GD24 Gravity and Geoid
S-SS Seismology
**S-SS01   Earthquake Predictability Research
S-SS25 Earthquake prediction
S-SS26 Strong Ground Motion and Disaster
S-SS27 Seismic wave propagation
S-SS28 Source Processes and Earthquake Physics
S-SS29 Fault Rheology and Earthquake
S-SS30 Seismicity
S-SS31 Intraplate earthquakes
S-SS32 Crustal Deformation
S-SS33 Project for Earthquake in Tokyo
S-SS34 Crustal Structure
S-SS35 Active faults and paleoseismology
S-SS36 Active fault EQ and Plate boundary EQ
S-SS37 2011 Tohoku Earthquake: strong motion
S-SS38 Great subduction-zone earthquakes
S-SS39 The 2011 Tohoku earthquake
S-SS40 Earthquake Early Warning
S-EM Earth's Electromagnetism
S-EM21 Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism
S-EM22 Solid Earth Geoelectromagnetism
S-IT Science of the Earth's Interior & Techtonophysics
**S-IT02   Mantle dynamics
S-IT41 Deep Earth science
S-IT42 Rheology and Transport Phenomena
S-GL Geology
S-GL43 Geochronology
S-GL44 Regional geology and tectonics
S-RD Resources, Mineral Deposit & Resource Exploration
S-RD45 Resources and Rock-water interaction
S-MP Mineralogy & Petrology
S-MP46 Deformed rocks and metamorphic rocks
S-MP47 Physics and Chemistry of Minerals
S-MP48 hydrogen and neutron in earth sciences
S-VC Volcanology
S-VC49 Hydrothermal systems beneath volcanoes
S-VC50 Active volcanism
S-VC51 Real Time Volcano Hazard Assessment
S-VC52 Volcano deformation and tectonics
S-VC53 Volcano, magma, and fore
S-VC54 Dynamics of volcanic activities
S-GC Geochemistry
S-GC55 Solid Earth Geochem, Cosmochem
S-TT Technology & Techniques
**S-TT03   Airborne surveys of the Earth
S-TT56 Frontier of Exploration Geophysics
S-TT58 magneto- and microfossil stratigraphy
S-TT59 Seismometry and monitoring system
S-CG Complex & General
**S-CG04   Evolution of continental crust
**S-CG05   Convergent boundary dynamics
**S-CG06   The Gondwana
S-CG60 Kanto Asperity
S-CG61 Geological Disposal
S-CG62 Petrology, Mineralogy and Resource Geolo
S-CG63 Slow earthquakes
S-CG64 High strain rate zone in Japan
S-CG65 Geofluids & dynamics in subduction zones
S-CG66 Ocean Floor Geoscience
S-CG67 Crustal deformation in convergence zones
S-CG68 Stress and Crustal Dynamics
S-CG69 Seismo-Volcano Electromagnetics
S-CG70 Geochemistry of fault systems
S-CG71 True continental growth
S-CG72 Fluid and seismogenesis
S-CG73 Earth surface dynamics
S-CG74 Tohoku-oki EQ: Crustal Deformation
Symbol B (Biogeosciences)
B-AO Astrobiology & the Origin of Life
**B-AO01   Astrobiology
B-BG Biogeosciences & Geosphere-Biosphere Interactions
B-BG22 Coral reef studies
B-PT Paleontology
B-PT23 Biotic history
B-PT24 Human Evolution and Climate Change
B-PT25 Decoding the history of Earth
B-PT26 Evolution of Chemosynthetic Community
B-PT27 Vertebrate Paleontology
B-PT28 Paleogenomics
B-PO Paleoceanography
**B-PO02   Proxies for Biogeosciences
Symbol G (General [Education and Outreach])
G-01 Geoscience Studies
G-02 Geoscinece Outreach
G-03 Geoscience education for 1st-9th graders
G-04 Geoscience education for 10th-12th grade
G-05 Geoscience education at bachelor course
Symbol M (Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary)
M-IS Intersection
**M-IS01   From the Universe to Genomes
**M-IS02   AE
**M-IS03   Changes in Northern Asia and the Arctic
**M-IS04   Deep Carbon Cycle
M-IS21 Biogeochemistry
M-IS22 Geophysical fluid dynamics
M-IS23 Gas hydrates
M-IS24 Interface- and nano-phenomena on crystal
M-IS25 Tsunami deposit
M-IS26 Space climatology
M-IS27 Drilling Earth Science
M-IS28 Evolution of the solar life
M-IS29 Symposium on the10th Anniversary of EAR
M-IS30 Evolution of the Pelagic Realm
M-IS31 The Oceanic Plate
M-IS32 Geopark
M-GI General Geosciences, Information Geosciences & Simulations
M-GI33 Informatics for Earth and Space Science
M-AG Applied Geosciences
M-AG34 Radioactive pollution in Fukushima
M-SD Space Development & Earth Observation from Space
**M-SD05   small satellites
M-TT Technology & Techniques
**M-TT06   100 Years of Kakioka Observatory
M-TT35 Mapping and spatial representation
M-TT37 Frontiers in Geochemistry
M-TT38 social media