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Symbol U (Union)       Symbol S (Solid Earth Sciences)
Symbol O (Public)       Symbol B (Biogeosciences)
Symbol P (Space and Planetary Sciences)       Symbol G (General (Education and Outreach))
Symbol A (Atmospheric, Ocean, and Environmental Sciences)       Symbol M (Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary)
Symbol H (Human Geosciences)    

Symbol P (Space and Planetary Sciences)
P-PS Planetary Sciences
**P-PS01 Outer Solar System Exploration Today, and Tomorrow
**P-PS02 Enabling Access to Solar and Planetary Resources through the Virtual Observatory
**P-PS03 Rotation, inner dynamics and variations of natural processes on the Earth, the Moon and Mars.
**P-PS04 International Collaboration in Planetary and Space Sciences: Small Projects, Big Missions, Everything
**P-PS05 Mars
P-PS21 Planetary Sciences
P-PS22 Formation and evolution of planetary materials in the solar system
P-PS23 Lunar science and exploration
P-PS24 Origin and evolution of materials in space
P-EM Solar-Terrestrial Sciences, Space Electromagnetism & Space Environment
**P-EM06 Mesosphere-Thermosphere-Ionosphere Coupling in the Earth's Atmosphere
**P-EM07 Space Weather, Space Climate, and VarSITI
**P-EM08 Progress in Physics of the Inner Magnetosphere
**P-EM09 Dynamics in magnetosphere and ionosphere
**P-EM10 Study of coupling processes in solar-terrestrial system
**P-EM11 New frontier: Observations of the middle and upper atmospheres from ISS
**P-EM12 Ionospheric and thermospheric disturbances during recurrent magnetic storms
P-EM25 Heliosphere and Interplanetary Space
P-EM26 Space Plasma Physics: Theory and Simulation
P-EM27 Physics and Chemistry in the Atmosphere and Ionosphere
P-EM28 Dynamics in magnetosphere and ionosphere
P-CG Complex & General
P-CG30 New Progress toward the Understanding of Small Solar System Bodies
P-CG31 Status and perspective of future missions and their instruments and technologies for space sciences
P-CG32 Planetary atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere


Symbol A (Atmospheric, Ocean, and Environmental Sciences)
A-AS Atmospheric Sciences, Meteorology & Atmospheric Environment
**A-AS01 Advances in Atmospheric Remote Sensing Techniques
**A-AS02 Ultra-high precision mesoscale weather prediction by high performance computing
**A-AS03 Understanding extremes: high-resolution models, dense observations and the emergent role of big data
A-AS21 Atmospheric Chemistry
A-AS22 Hyper-dense observation and forecast to elucidate micro-scale atmospheric phenomena
A-AS Ocean Sciences & Ocean Environment
A-OS23 Marine Ecosystem Modelling
A-HW Hydrology & Water Environment
A-HW24 Isotope Hydrology 2015
A-HW25 Groundwater and environmental geology in urban areas
A-HW26 Hydrological Cycle and Water Environment
A-HW27 Water and material transport and cycle in watersheds: from headwater to coastal area
A-CC Cryospheric Sciences & Cold District Environment
A-CC28 Glaciology
A-CC29 Ice cores and past environmental changes
A-GE Geological & Soil Environment
**A-GE04 Subsurface Mass Transport and Environmental Assessment
A-CG Complex & General
**A-CG05 The role of salinity in Indo-Pacific ocean and climate
**A-CG06 Asian monsoon hydroclimate
**A-CG07 Continental-Oceanic Mutual Interaction: Global-scale Material Circulation through River Runoff
**A-CG08 Mountainous Catchment Storage Estimation for water resource management and flood risk reduction purposes
**A-CG09 Satellite Earth Environment Observation
A-CG30 Material circulations in Terrestrial Ecosystem: Water, Carbon and Nitrogen etc.
A-CG31 Science in the Arctic Region
A-CG32 Multi-scale ocean-atmosphere interaction in the tropics
A-CG33 Land-Ocean Interaction -Water and material cycle for coastal ecosystems-
Symbol H (Human Geosciences)
H-GG Geography
**H-GG01 International comparison of landscape appreciation
H-GG21 Use and management of natural resources and environment
H-GM Geomorphology
**H-GM02 Geomorphology
H-GM22 Geomorphology
H-QR Quaternary research
H-QR23 Diachronic dynamics of human-environment interactions
H-SC Social Earth Sciences & Civil/Urban System Sciences
**H-SC03 Implementing Human Dimensios Research for the Earth' Future
**H-SC05 Tsunami and other Coastal Natural Hazards;is there enough information and awareness in rural and remote areas?
H-SC24 Human environment and disaster risk
H-DS Disaster geosciences
**H-DS06 Landslides and related phenomena
**H-DS07 Natural hazards impacts on the society, economics and technological systems
H-DS25 Geohazards in humid, tectonically active countries and their precursors
H-DS26 Submarine landslides and their consequences
H-DS27 Tsunami and Tsunami Forecast
H-RE Resource and Engineering Geology
H-RE28 CCUS (Carbon Dioxide Capture, Utilization, and Storage) for Climate Mitigation
H-TT Technology & Techniques
**H-TT08 Geoscientific applications of high-definition topography and geophysical measurements
**H-TT09 GIS
H-TT29 Environmental Remote Sensing
H-TT30 New horizons brought by UAV
H-TT31 New development of environmental traceability methods
H-TT32 Geographical Information Systems
H-TT33 Designing a new information infrastructure for future global environment and societies
H-CG Complex & General
H-CG34 Nuclear Energy and Geoscience
H-CG35 Interdisciplinary approach to earth's changing surface
H-CG36 Systems of life in closed-ecology on planets
Symbol S (Solid Earth Sciences)
S-GD Geodesy
S-GD21 Geodesy General Contributions
S-GD22 GGOS (Global Geodetic Observing System)
S-GD23 Gravity and Geoid
S-SS Seismology
**S-SS01 Exploring our limits in understanding earthquakes and improving our knowledge -CSEP Experiment in Japan-
**S-SS02 Frontier studies on subduction zone megathrust earthquakes and tsunamis
S-SS24 Application and Future Development of Earthquake Early Warning
S-SS25 Strong Ground Motion and Earthquake Disaster
S-SS26 Seismic wave propagation: Theory and Application
S-SS27 Earthquake prediction and forecast
S-SS28 Active faults and paleoseismology
S-SS29 Fault Rheology and Earthquake Dynamics
S-SS30 Earthquake Source Processes and Physics of Earthquakes
S-SS31 Crustal Deformation
S-SS32 Seismicity
S-EM Earth's Electromagnetism
S-EM33 Electromagnetic Induction in the Earth and Planetary Interiors, and Tectono-Electromagnetism
S-EM34 Geomagnetism, paleomagnetism and rock magnetism
S-IT Science of the Earth's Interior & Techtonophysics
**S-IT03 Structure and dynamics of Earth and Planetary deep interiors
**S-IT04 Rheology of Earth's Interior
**S-IT05 Hard-Rock Drilling: Oceanic Lithosphere to Island Arc Formation and Beyond
**S-IT06 Early Earth - from accumulation to formation -
**S-IT07 New constraints on the tectonic evolution of Northeast Asia
S-IT35 Deep Earth science: Dynamics of plate, mantle, and core
S-IT36 Technical Prospects of Active Monitoring and Simulation of the Deep Earth
S-GL Geology
S-GL37 Frontier of basin formation tectonics on convergent plate margins
S-GL38 Lower-Middle Pleistocene Boundary GSSP in the Kazusa Group
S-GL39 Geochronology and Isotope Geology
S-GL40 Regional geology and tectonics
S-RD Resources, Mineral Deposit & Resource Exploration
S-RD41 Developments in resource geology: Origin and evolution of ore fluids
S-MP Mineralogy & Petrology
**S-MP08 Micro- to macro-scale deformation: petrologic, mineralogic, geophysical and geochemical checkpoints
**S-MP09 Supercontinents and Crustal Evolution
**S-MP10 ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism -slab fluid and deep mantle dynamics-
S-MP42 Physics and Chemistry of Minerals
S-MP43 Deformed rocks, Metamorphic rocks and Tectonics
S-MP44 Dynamics of melt, ductile and brittle rock mass and energy system
S-VC Volcanology
**S-VC11 Volatiles and volcanoes: the role of volatiles in determining how and when volcanoes erupt
**S-VC12 Multidisciplinary volcano monitoring
S-VC45 Active Volcanism
S-VC46 Dynamics of volcanic eruptions and igneous activities
S-VC47 Volcanic and igneous activities, and these long-term forecasting
S-VC48 Mitigation of Volcanic disaster - Basic and applied research
S-VC49 Hydrothermal systems of volcanoes
S-GC Geochemistry
S-GC50 Solid Earth Geochemistry, Cosmochemistry
S-GC51 Frontiers in noble gas isotope geosciences
S-TT Technology & Techniques
**S-TT13 Recent Advances in Exploration Geophysics (RAEG2015)
S-TT52 Airborne surveys and monitoring of the Earth
S-TT53 Seismometry and monitoring system
S-TT54 Sythetic Aperture Radar
S-TT55 Creating future of solid Earth science with high performance computing (HPC)
S-CG  Complex & General
**S-CG14 Mixed volatiles in subduction zones; Physical and chemical properties and processes
**S-CG15 Detection of microcracks prior to rupture and layered interfaces by the seismoelectronical method
**S-CG16 Deep Carbon Cycle
S-CG56 Nuclear Power Plants in Japan and Earth Science: Given the limits of earthquake and volcano science
S-CG57 Structure, evolution and dynamics of mobile belts
S-CG58 Petrology, Mineralogy and Resource Geology
S-CG59 Rheology, fracture and friction in Earth and planetary sciences
S-CG60 Geofluids and dynamics in subduction zones
S-CG61 Crustal fluids and deformation
S-CG62 Slow earthquakes
S-CG63 Cryoseismology - a new proxy for detecting surface environmental variations of the Earth -
S-CG64 Ocean Floor Geoscience
S-CG65 20th anniversary of the Kobe earthquake: Progress in the studies of active faults and strong motion
Symbol B (Biogeosciences)
B-AO Astrobiology & the Origin of Life
**B-AO01 Astrobiology: Origins, Evolution, Distribution of Life
B-BG Biogeosciences & Geosphere-Biosphere Interactions
B-BG21 Material cycles in tropical- subtropical coastal ecosystems
B-GM  Geomorphology
B-GM22 Microbial ecology in earth and planetary sciences
B-PT  Paleontology
**B-PT03 Biocalcification and the Geochemistry of Proxies -Field ecology, Laboratory culture and Paleo
B-PT23 Decoding the history of Earth: From Hadean to Modern
B-PT24 Evolution of Chemosynthetic Ecosystem in Earth History
B-PT25 Biotic history and its relation to the Earth history
B-PT26 Geogenomics
B-PT27 End-Proterozoic/Phanerozoic biodiversity change: extinction and radiation
B-CG Complex & General
B-CG28 Interrelation between Life, Water, Mineral, and Atmosphere
Symbol M (Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary)
M-IS Intersection
**M-IS01 Geoconservation and sustainable development
**M-IS02 Interdisciplinary studies on pre-earthquake processes
**M-IS03 Exploring the role of soil in earth science: ecological/biogeochemical linkage and beyond
M-IS21 Global climate and ecosystem change driven by Southern Ocean and Antarctic Ice Sheet
M-IS22 Geophysical fluid dynamics-Transfield approach to geoscience
M-IS23 Geopark
M-IS24 Gas hydrates in environmental-resource sciences
M-IS25 tsunami deposit
M-IS26 Biogeochemistry
M-IS27 Electromagnetic phenomena associated with seismic and volcanic activities
M-IS28 High-resolution paleoclimate observatory network in East Asia-NW Pacific region
M-IS29 Atmospheric Electricity
M-IS30 Evolution of the Pelagic Realm
M-IS31 Interface- and nano-phenomena on crystal growth and dissolution
M-IS32 Drilling Earth Science
M-IS33 Progress in marine geoscience off Pacific coast of Tohoku after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami
M-IS34 Paleoclimatology and paleoceanography
M-IS35 Why is this planet to be the Earth? -the role of water
M-IS46 Marine manganese deposits: Origin, growth processes, and environment
M-GI General Geosciences, Information Geosciences & Simulations
M-GI36 Toward Data Sharing and Open Scientific Data in Earth and Planetary
M-GI37 Earth and planetary informatics with huge data management
M-AG Applied Geosciences
M-AG38 Dynamics of radionuclides emitted�c�@ from Fukuchima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant in the environment
M-SD Space Development & Earth Observation from Space
M-SD39 Space Food and Space Agliculture
M-TT Technology & Techniques
**M-TT05 New phase of GPS/GNSS application as an integrated earth observation system
**M-TT06 Development and utilization of micro-satellite under international collaboration
M-TT40 New frontier of data analysis in geoscience: Data-driven approach
M-TT41 Brand-new scope of coupling geophysics being established by infrasound and associated waves
M-TT42 Mapping and spatial representation in geoscience
M-TT43 Social media and earth and planetary sciences
M-TT44 Frontiers in Geochemistry: Prospect for geochemistry in 30 years
M-ZZ Others
M-ZZ45 Geoscience Studies: historical, philosophical and STS studies